This page is dedicated to the programs I've developed to assist in my research of and understanding of image de/compression and [de|en]coding techniques.

Plus some of them are just fun to use.

Glitch Suite - PNG

I made this tool back in 2017 while researching the PNG file format, specifically so I could implement certain alterations to the algorithms, methods, and procedures used by the PNG format.

This not only allowed me to arbitrary alter images at [de|en]coding time prior to compression, but it also reaffirmed my own confidence in my understanding of the PNG format as a whole.

I decided to rename the project and upload the code to GitHub in November 2020, although the code itself remains almost entirely unchanged. Apologies for the lack of organization in the code.

This program is planned to be part of a suite of tools developed for similar purposes across various other image formats.

An image created using the glitch_png program

GitHub link:

FRIC - FRamework for Image Corruption

This was actually more of an experiment in object-oriented programming back in early 2016, with a modification made in mid-2018.

The program was inspired by the infamous WordPad Glitch,1 which refers to opening a file in WordPad and re-saving it. Doing so replaces every occurrence of the bytes 0x0A, 0x0B, and 0x0D with the byte sequence 0x0D 0x0A.

With FRIC, you can specify a list of bytes to search for, as well as the byte sequence that will replace all occurrences of those bytes.

This code is from 2016. Very bad. Do not read.

1Resources for the WordPad glitch:

GitHub link:

Monglot (Windows)

A program that needs no introduction in the glitch art scene, Monglot2 is the work of Rosa Menkman and Johan Larsby.

However, one limitation of Monglot was that it was specific to macOS. Being a Windows user at the time (and really not wanting to use a Hackintosh), I decided to take it upon myself to create a Windows version of Monglot back in 2016.

Most of the code is directly translated from the original Monglot code, from Objective-C into C#.

An image created using the glitch_png program

2Rosa Menkman's page on Monglot

GitHub link:

Monglot 2

This was an experimental program inspired by Monglot. The name "Monglot 2" was only a placeholder.

It offers all the functionality of Monglot, alongside a few other useful features.

The program was never completed, and the source code was never published.

All of the features of Monglot are present

A few of the additional controls

Removing 20 bytes in a PNG prior to compression

I may publish the source code one day when the program is more complete.